Monday, September 29, 2008

Drumheller's Apple Festival

Was just a wee bit foggy yesterday morning on our way to church. It always looks so 'Halloweenish' when the clouds are right down on the mountain like that! Or the phrase 'Misty Mountains' comes to in LOTR.
I took this one on the way back home from can see a little bit of blue sky trying to peek through. After looking at Jennifer's pictures the other made me think of all the cool RR shots I could capture around here. Thanks for the inspiration. ;-)

Well, this weekend was the first weekend of Drumheller's Apple Festival out here in Nelson County & we had all planned on going...Maw, Sarah, Ella, Alley & I. We always go & bring a picnic lunch, take the kids on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch to search for pumpkins, get some apples & of course take tons of pictures! But since it had been raining since Thurs. we figured we didn't want to traipse around in the mud & that we'd just shoot for the Oct. weekend. But after church today, since it wasn't actually raining, the kids & I decided to just ride out there & check things out. Find out prices for the apples, hayride & what-not.
I was pleased to find out that the hayride still only costs $1. Was afraid that had gone up since gas prices sure have. Not sure how much the pumpkins cost, but at least the hayride is still the same. From what I saw, all apples were $12/half bushel & $22/bushel.
And a new addition this year....the bouncy thing. Which, according to a sign I saw, costs $5 for a wrist band that gives you unlimited play for the day. So hopefully some of this info/prices will help you guys plan for our outing in Oct.
These last two pics of Sanji & Bunny just crack me up! First of all...look at that expression on Sanji's face...looks like he's smiling at you!! And the way they both are just sprawled out......not very 'lady-like' to say the least. But hey.......thye're BOYS so what do you expect?! Like father, like son!


Stargazer said...

Those cats look so funny! hehhe adorable too

mommysews said...

Apple time here too! I love the pics of Bunny!