Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday Evening

I was fixing supper Sunday evening.....pancakes (regular & blueberry) & bacon....nothing fancy. And I realized how nice & quiet & peaceful everything was.....I knew Alli was at the dining room table drawing, but I wasn't sure what the others were up just seemed too quiet, ya know. Well, I snuck around with the camera & this is what I found.......Ashley was sitting out under the Dogwood tree in our 'Reading Chair'.
Like I said, Alli was at the table drawing.
Jon was playing 'Tomb Raider'.
And Michael was playing his DS.
I just thought this was kind of cool & one of those moments in time worth recording...a nice peaceful Sunday evening! And on top of it all, I was actually able to sneak these pictures without anyone knowing or hinding their faces or acting gooney like they can do. Ha!


Sherri said...

That's good stuff!!!

smile said...

How cool! I want to be in Ashley's chair right now. Come to think of it, I'm going outside for a walk, Matt is already out for a run!