Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Monday

Goodness, I have a busy Monday ahead of me, but first let me back up a bit. We DID end up going over to Mari's for a while Sat. afternoon. Just Alli & I went....she REALLY wanted to go visit with Katelyn for a while & see her new room, etc. We had a really nice time...Mari & Rinnie are always excellent hostesses & everything was decorated so nice! Most all of our neighbors were there...Buddy, Ena, Leslie & her two little girls*Paul, Lisa, Brett & Jesse Carter* Faye & Skippy* Mason & Gail* Joe McGrory* Jerry, Carolyn & Emma. We had hotdogs, chili, taco soup & TONS of home-made desserts. Just a good time of fellowship & visiting. Nice for a rainy Sat. afternoon!!

Yesterday, after church & lunch I took my crocheting outside for a while. It was 70 degrees yesterday & so nice out in the sun! I have finished up three pairs of mittens so far, crocheted a blanket for Sanji to sleep on & now, I've started a pair of fingerless gloves. So, I'm coming alond with my Chirstmas goodies.

Now, my list for today........
~Bake a double batch of white chocolate chip cookies
~make Halloween cards for the party
~fix the treat bags for tomorrow
~help the kids carve their pumpkins
~put chicken/stuffing in the crock pot for supper
~do some laundry in there somewhere along the way
~work on my Scraptoberfest challenge for today (I'm current now! Yay!!)

Is that it? I'm sure I've left some little things off, but you get the idea. School today is NOT coming from the books....but is Life lessons 101. ;-) BTW, just off the wall...Ashley was reading the box of pancake mix last night & it was saying how many 4" pancakes each batch would first she thought that meant 4" thick, but I told her that was the Diameter......Aaahhh....a math lesson, I see. Well, believe it or not, she ran to grab a ruler & was over there measuring my pancakes to find out the diameter & of course we talked about how the radius was half of that. And just for the pancakes were pretty much right on....about 4" in diameter. First pizza math & fractions & now pancake math with diameter/radius. How fun is that?!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

"First pizza math & fractions & now pancake math with diameter/radius. How fun is that?!"

I like your style!

The Chinese Starfish blog is looking for scrapbookers to help them finish the babies scrapbooks. I thought of you. Here's the address of the blog if you want to send them an email or something.