Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Blessings

Little Blessing number 1...Thursday evening was our Scaremare adventure. My whole reason for choosing to go on Thurs. night was to hopefully avoid the weekend crowds....ya know, thinking that it was a school night. Well, get this...we were in & out in about an hour & 15 mins. total! Unbelievable really considering past experiences where we've waited in line for at least 2 hours before even going through the house. Got in line at 6:45 with only about 25 people in front of us...we were the second group to get to go through. Got to see Chris & some of his friends in action. ;-) We were done by 8 & home by 9pm. The only 'sad' part to the whole evening was that Ashley & Jon had none of their friends to go with them. Hopefully next year we can get a good group together to go. Just makes it more fun for the kiddos getting to go & hang with their friends, ya know! A few statistics from Chris....the first weekend he said they had over 6,000 folks come through & of that number 403 got saved!! PTL

Little Blessing number 2....yesterday was such a chilly, rainy day. Praise the Lord, we got our Scaremare adventure in BEFORE the rain came! And even though we had to paddle around in the rain yesterday doing our usual errands & grocery shopping...I had prayed that it would be over & done with by the time we needed to load/unload all those groceries...I really hate getting soaking wet & all your stuff is sopping wet, etc...& what do you know.....not a drop of rain on us by that time!! Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most.

And speaking of 'little' things....another blessing that I just HAD to share here involves a friend of mine & HER little blessing...I'm so glad she was willing to share. I keep thinking about Shelly's yellow flowers & it just brings a smile to my face. How God really does care about even the smallest things in our lives. She had REALLY wanted some yellow mums, but didn't have the extra money to go out & buy some, so she prayed. And lo & behold if God didn't GIVE her some yellow flowers FOR FREE! She was taking her son to work & saw that the city was replacing their yellow marigolds with pansies out in front of a McDonald's. They were just pulling the yellow flowers up & pitching them, so she stopped & asked if she could have them. They gave her a whole garbage bag full....enough for her to have & even share with Danielle & Alley! Now how awesome is that?!

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smile said...

I love to hear the 'little things' because God does see and hear us at all times! Thanks for sharing!