Monday, October 27, 2008

Quite a bit accomplished...

Well, I'm tired...but I must say that I'm pleased too with all that I got done today. I folded about 4 baskets full of laundry, helped the kids with their pumpkins, started a fire, baked a double batch of cookies, fixed treat bags for the party, supper, did my chocolate dipped pretzels & finished some last-minute decorations.Here's what we ended up with for the pumpkins. Jon is the only one who was actually able to carve his. After Michael cut his finger, he & Alli resorted to paints for their faces.

Jon asked if he could go over to Mason's this afternoon because he had a piece of cedar wood that he was gonna let Jon have for a project. He came home after a while & gathered a few tools & told me he would be out in Clay's building finishing his project. He wouldn't tell me what it was. When he was finally done, he came in to show me his little treasure box that he had made. Isn't that something else?! The wood is gorgeous & it SMELLS so good! He had everything all planned out....measurements & everything when he went over there....Mason just cut the boards for him. Mason is so good & patient to work with him & teach him this stuff. He even gave him the tiny little brads that he would need & let him borrow his drill to do it with too. Jon told me all about how you didn't want to split the wood, so you drill tiny little holes first & then tap the little brads in place. He did an excellent job & he's also informed me that he wants a table saw like Mason go in his own wood-working building. He's over here at the table as I type drawing up plans for his next project.....making his own gun stock.


Babydoll said...

Cool pumpkins and I love the treasure box! :) You make me tired just reading your list of things that you did today.

Sherri said...

Wow...I can just smell the cedar!!
It's been a long time since I accomplished that much in one day. I need half of the energy that it would take to do that!