Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party Pictures

We had the best time at Maw's house yesterday afternoon! So thankful that Maw opens her home up & allows our little homeschool group to come have parties there. We always have such a good time together & yesterday was no exception.Jesse & Taylor....aren't they just the cutest little hunter & witchy that you've ever seen?!
Cori, Alli, Taylor & Jesse
Taylor kept checking on Max outside....she said he was like her Chichi dog at home.
Who could resist this cute little face? Max kept standing outside of the dining room window on his hind feet like this just a-grinning & begging us to let him in!
Taylor, Summer, Daniel & Jesse digging into their candy treats...YUM!
We commented on how pretty the table always looks & that it is just tradition now to make sure we snap a picture of the table & all the yummies before everyone digs in.
I asked Ashley to try & get a picture of everyone around the's always hard to get everybody in. L-R: me, Sarah, Shelly, Mike (who is hidden behind Danielle's head), Maw & Danielle's back. ;-)
Our cute little Goblins: Anna, Alli, Cori, Daniel, Jesse, Summer & Taylor
Mike is such a brave soul to come & put up with all us CRAZY women & the 'Menopause Stories' had to be there! I also love how Jesse got right into the edge of this cute! What a sweet family picture....I just wish Ella's kiddos had gotten in it too. Mike, Shelly, Alley, Summer & Danielle.

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Sherri said...

There were a lot of witches at that party :). Yes, your little witch was adorable!!!