Saturday, November 01, 2008

Frito Lay Tour

Frito Lay in Lynchburg was celebrating it's 10th anniversary by doing Family Tours of the plant. It was 10 years ago the last time I toured the plant & only Chris was old enough to go have to be at least 6 years old to, Clay, Chris, Pop, Sarah & I went while Maw kept the little ones. This time she was able to join us on the tour. It was really cool for them to get to see everything & it was made even better by having one of Clay's good buddies, Mike Jones, help to lead our tour group. He took extra care to point out stuff to my where Chris worked & all the different jobs & places back there wehre Clay has worked. Of course we weren't allowed to have any cameras IN the plant so I had to settle on one from the outside. The sun was so bright that I had a hard time getting a good shot, so I just took one & figured it would have to do. I have some better pics of the plant from years back, so............
As we were heading down the expressway on our way home, I happened to glance in my rear view & saw that there was a Frito Lay truck following us, so I had Ashley snap a picture. Just thought that was kind of cool.

Later that afternoon the guys were out here sighting in their guns & getting Michael a little target prcatice in before Sat.....Opening Day of Muzzle Load.

I thought this one was so I caught the smoke & all when he shot! Look at Michael holding his ears. ;-) They're actually up in the woods right now as I type......just pray that Michael can get his first deer this year. That would be so awesome!


Sherri said...

My Dad loves hunting with the muzzle loader!
It would be so cool to tour a plant like that. I was thinking of trying to get a tour with the Coke factory here. I think the kids would love it!

Amy said...

Sherri, the kids loved it...they said it was cool, just like watching 'How It's Made'.