Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scrappy Day

The girls & I met Sarah & kids for lunch at Wendy's today & then we all went back to her house to scrap for the afternoon. We had a really fun time.....the kids played & watched movies while we chatted & scrapped. I was pleased with what I got page planning sure helped. I was able to get 3 layouts done.Here we have a couple of OLD Halloween pics.....from 1988! Clay & I lived in Asheboro at the time & he managed the K&K Toy store at the mall while I worked at the Only $1 store. The first pic is two of his employees & the other one is me....pregnant with Chris!
OK, so this one is even OLDER! These are pics from my First Grade Field Day at Timberlake Christian School. My teacher was Miss Truxell.

These pics are Sarah in the fall of 1983...she was 6 years old. I was playing around with my new Cannon AE1 that Maw & Pop had given me for graduation. Love that bottom pic...Pop was burning leaves down by the road & I think it's so cool how I captured the smoke in that one.

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