Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I feel like a hearty woman this morning.........

Besides the fact that I'm reading these wonderful books about the frozen Arctic, I've had to don Clay's boots & cover-alls & do all the outside chores this morning....and it's just now 32 degrees at 11am. I must say it was kind of invigorating....feeding all the cats/dogs, hauling water for them & checking on the baby pup & making sure they had plenty of hay in their dog house & then bringing wood in for the day. I don't consider myself lazy or spoiled, but it's just the fact that the boys usually do all the outside chores & with them gone, it falls to me & the girls...but like I said.....I kind of enjoyed it this morning. Not that I'd want to have to do it ALL every day plus all my other chores, but it does make me feel good about myself to know that I CAN do it, if need be! Gotta LOVE the good ole country life!!!

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