Monday, November 10, 2008

Michael's Lucky Horse Shoe

Michael has been about to have a fit to shoot a deer...especially since they just seem to be drawn to Jon for some reason. Anyway, we've been teasing him telling him he needs to be sure & eat his Lucky Charms in the mornings for breakfast before he goes hunting & all. Well, this afternoon when they were getting ready to leave, he came running out of the old smoke house waving an old horse shoe at me. I giggled & told him I'd take his picture when he got back....of his deer & his horse shoe........................ Proud Papa & Michael with his Lucky Horse shoe
And Michael with his very first deer! WTG Dude!!
Jon with his SECOND 5 pt. buck that he shot this past Friday morning. Clay said he's gonna send this pic in to Primos since Jon used the Primos can to call his buck in. ;-)

My Hunter-Men!


Babydoll said...

I guess the horse shoe worked!! :)

Steph said...

WTG boys!