Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

Jon came in from hunting Sat. & said Mason wanted to know if he & Michael could go to the junk yard with him on Monday......if Mama would let them 'skip school'. Of course I said IS a 'field trip' after all, right?! Well, they were up & out of here by 8:30 this morning & didn't get back til about lunchtime. They had an absolute blast! Jon told me all about how they weighed the truck when they got there & then unloaded all the scrap metal onto a conveyor & they got to watch it being sorted & smashed....all that really cool GUY stuff. Then they weigh the truck again to determine the weight of the junk & how much Mason gets paid for his junk. See, pretty educational field trip. ;-) After the junk yard, they went to a hardware store & Mason let each of them pick out a treat that was $3 or less. Jon came home with this huge magnifying glass & Michael had a hand saw. Then they spent the rest of the afternoon doing Woodshop. Jon worked on making a rubber band gun & Michael worked on making a boat. Will have to get some pictures of their tools & their projects.....both really nifty! And speaking of are some of my latest. I'm always making stuff for gifts, etc & never anything for myself. So, my first project was this granny square scarf to match my LL Bean coat Maw gave me last year. And I also made myself the mittens to match. Then I decided to make all the kiddos on my Christmas list either mittens or fingerless gloves this year. I've gotten two pair finished so far.
Today's Scraptoberfest challenge was to do your journaling in the form of a letter. I just couldn't get myself in the mood to write any kind of serious letter, so instead I chose this more comical route. Love this pic of Sanji sprawled out in the laundry basket. The journaling reads- To Whom it may Concern: Thank you so much for washing up this nice basket of clean laundry for me to sleep in. I really appreciate's so nice & comfy. Love, Sanji

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Me said...

amy those mittens and scarf look great ... the LOs do too