Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back to School Week

Boy, what a crazy, busy kind of week we've had so far. Monday was our official 'Back-to-School' day...and as usual we're starting off slow...basically with just math. Trying to get our brains back in gear......yeah, even me, LOL! No fun fighting with algebra problems on a Monday morning. Blech!! What we've done so far is just review & remembering. Jon had two chapters in his Government book that he didn't finish up back in the spring, so that's on his check-list to get done this week too. I've also been gathering some ideas for Notebooking....thanks to my blogger friend, Dana. And with that in mind I ventured back to Currclick.....this awesome online curriculum site. I haven't used much of their stuff in awhile, but was really tickled to find some units for really cheap that I could use for the middle/upper grades & we're going to start on some of those today, I think. I have three units that are just right for this time of year. One is a unit on Hurricanes/storms. A quick little unit on Labor the holiday came to be & what all it means......just a day or two worth of stuff there, but still fun & educational. And lastly, a special unit on 9/11. I'm really excited about these units & can't wait to jump right in & see how it all goes. And I also have a growing list of other notebooking ideas & units that caught my eye on Currclick that I'll probably down load in the near future.


Last night was our annual Back to School pool party that our church does each year. Always so much fun. The kids enjoy the 'cold' swimming pool & us adults enjoy sitting around chatting & taking pictures of the kids.

Alli & Cori just getting in. Not too sure about that COLD water. Brrr!

Ashley is texting to someone......So thankful to Sandi & Jerry who swung by the college & picked her up so she could join in on the fun.

Taylor's not too sure about the big pool......

But she loves Logan to death & was finally convinced to take a piggy back ride around the pool.

The girlies & little kids enjoy the quiet of the shallow end.........

......while the boys rough-house & play football in the deeper end. That's Jon & Michael there in the front. They all had a blast last night & were pretty worn out when all was said & done.

Karen, Sandi & Trisha enjoying some chatty time around the pool.


And last, but certainly not least........another sampling of Alli's amazing artwork. She drew this picture of Audrey Hepburn for Ashley for her birthday. She took it last night to give it to her & it seems that's all everyone has been talking about. Ashley even posted on her FB wall how her room-mate said we should show this to someone in the art department at LU & get this girl a scholarship. Wow.....wouldn't that be something!


Cindy Gay said...

That Ashley is talented like her Mom!

Fatcat said...

What a great drawing!