Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm So Thankful!

I have another one of those God stories to share with y'all. I hope Ashley won't mind that I copied her IM conversation with me just a little bit ago.......but it's just too good NOT to share. A little background. Ashley has been LOVING her time at LU......but her English class has really been testing her to say the least. We've battled back & forth about whether or not we should encourage her to drop the class for this's not just getting accustomed to college life for her....but life in the classroom(taking notes/studying/homework, etc) after being homeschooled all her life. And since she was loving all her other classes, we thought maybe she just needed some time before jumping into a hard class like this one. But for some reason I just didn't have peace about this. As hard as it's been for me to sit back & watch her struggle, I still felt like God wanted her there in that English class. So, I've been praying. I mean REALLY PRAYING. Praying scripture & claiming promises on her behalf. It's almost like I feel like God is teaching ME through all of this. Teaching me better HOW to pray for her & also how to let her totally release her into HIS care. Because I know He cares about her way more than I ever possibly could & He won't put on her anymore than He knows she can handle. I also realize that SHE needs to know where her strength lies & where to run when she feels overwhelmed. So, anyway....we've been plodding along, doing our best to help her write this first comparison/contrast essay. She has chosen to compare/contrast the differences between a big church like Thomas Road Baptist vs. a small church like our Calvary Chapel.......with her target audience being LU college kids. Leaving Maw's this evening she was debating about whether or not to go to church tonight. She really wanted to, but knew she needed to spend time getting this paper finished. In the end, she decided to go & here's our IM conversation from just a little bit ago AFTER she got back from church:

Pixchic93: Yeah I just got back from churchPixchic93: Oh my gosh!! It was just what I needed!Pixchic93: Like seriously.....I got ideas for my essay from the message tonight
Pixchic93: Yeah I started taking notes and I was just like oh my gosh.....this is just what I need :) God totally meant for me to go to church tonight!
Pixchic93: Here are some of the things that I got tonight.....Pixchic93: The church is meant to connect people with God and people with other people....Pixchic93: can't just attend church and say you are connected with other people
Pixchic93: you need to get involved in smaller groups with other people to connect with them and with God..
Pixchic93: you know like how I was saying TRBC has all of these groups that you can be involved in..
Pixchic93: God meant for people to come to together and worship Him and connect and build relationships...
Pixchic93: Big groups are good but to really connect with others you need to get involved with smaller groups...
Pixchic93: There are preachers who preach and preachers who teach...Pixchic93: You know how we were saying like the old stern pastors that pound on the pulpit and PREACH instead of teach!!Pixchic93: I'm just sooo glad I got all of this stuff.....
Pixchic93: I debated whether I should go to church tonight or not!
Pixchic93: Yeah thanks for helping today and thanks for all of the prayers!!
Pixchic93: It's the power of prayer!!! When you get enough people praying for really is powerful!
LFUNNYFARM: Yes Ma'am!!LFUNNYFARM: Im so glad you KNOW this!LFUNNYFARM: It's an awesome thing!LFUNNYFARM: Now git.......go get it down on paper!Pixchic93: Thanks! I'm learning SO MUCH here at LU and I love it!!!
How awesome, is this! She was so excited.....she said she just HAD to tell me before she headed over to the computer lab to type up her paper & print it. I am SO, SO proud of my girl & the lessons she's learning at LU! Thank you, Jesus!

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Fatcat said...

That's great! I'm so glad she's inspired now.