Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Back into the Groove

Catching up a bit on some of my scrappy posting. I love these pics that Ashley took of Jon & Alli while taking a walk one day. They can fuss & squabble & carry on, but yet it's moments like these right here that I really love most of all. 'Be ye kind to one another.' Eph.4:32
Just a quick, fun layout of Miss Ashley with this ginormous coffee mug that she found one day at Cracker Barrel. It says 'With enough coffee I can do anything'
This one is kind of blurry because of those little turquoise brads in the flowers.......they are really lumpy & made it scan wonky. Oh well....these are the pictures that I captured the night that Ashley C. surprised Chris at Maw's house. The title reads 'Reunited....& it feels so good!' 

As far as school goes....we're trying to get back into our groove after being off  last week. Finishing up the loose ends from their Labor Day unit, math & Pest Control. Yes, I said PEST CONTROL. LOL! Clay has been studying to take his certification test for work & on Monday he had everyone helping him. Taking turns reading out loud & asking him questions at the end of each chapter. Jon was a huge help here & actually learned quite a bit himself. Clay called me yesterday to say that he had passed his test & is now 'Armed & Dangerous', you'd better watch out!!  He's dubbed himself  'Leslie, the Exterminator'. Ha!Ha! I told him that I was going to give Jon an 'A+' in Pest Control too since he learned so much himself. Seriously....these books are from Virginia Tech/Virginia Cooperative Extension/General Pest Control & Applying Pesticides Correctly. It's got to fit somewhere in the Science/Biology area, right. ;-) Next week we will be adding some writing activities into the mix. I'm learning right along with Ashley as to what I need to be teaching these guys here at home to better prepare them for college. Poor Chris & Ashley....I feel like they were/are my 'Guinea Pigs' in my Homeschooling. I just pray for them all the time, that God will make up for my short-comings in those areas!!!


Cindy Gay said...

Ahh Amy. . I'm sure you're the best teacher. And as a cafeteria manager in a 50 year old building housing 4000 other people, I'm indebted to our exterminator! And i love your layouts especially the one of the siblings walking together!

Sandee said...

I want to be Clay's first paying client and our caterpillars can be his first victims. What is Leslie's phone number?!!