Saturday, September 03, 2011

Labor Day

Just thought I'd share a couple of pages from our first Notebooking project this fall. This 'unit' I got from Currclick is very small/quick.....meant to be done in just a day or two. We'll finish it up in two days. I gave the kids the print-out info to read on Thursday about Labor & when it began, etc. & then an easy little question/answer sheet about what they had read. I also printed them some artwork to use as a cover page. I thought Alli would be the one to really show her stuff on this, but it really amused me to see Michael going all out having a blast coloring his cover page. Michael is probably the least artistic of the kids, but he was the one who seemed to enjoy it the most. Go figure.

They still have vocabulary words to copy & look up & also some copywork too, I think. I'm hoping the copywork will help with the handwriting/penmanship. ;-) Will jump into some of the more 'meaty' units week after next. This coming week.....I'm just really playing it by ear. If we get things accomplished fine....if not, that's fine too. Aunt Vada & Johnny will be getting in tomorrow evening & I want the week to be free for Family Time as much as possible. Clay is taking Ashley out for a Birthday Breakfast at IHOP on Tuesday morning. Her 18th Birthday is this coming Friday.....but Clay will be working then & she has a pretty full day of classes on Friday, so Tues. was chosen for the Daddy/Daughter date. Clay will be off & Ashley doesn't have class until 12:20pm that day. Then, that evening we will celebrate Uncle Skippy's 80th Birthday at Mari's house. Friday evening is dinner at Sarah's house which will also be Ashley's birthday party with the family. And Saturday will be the Family Reunion. And no telling what might happen in between all that! So, a busy week it will be!!

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