Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Peek into my Day

This layout of Ashley's dorm was done for the 'Paula Deen' challenge at Cookin' Up Creations. We were given a list of 'ingredients' that we were to use on our layout. They included: 1 piece of cardstock,3 pieces of patterned paper, die cut or punched shapes for background & mist. I used a doiley for my background masking along with some liquid walnut ink. It doesn't show up very well in the scan, but the misted doiley shape peeks out above & below my main photo.
These cards were done for my Martha Stewart challenge......which you can check out HERE. I pulled out my butterfly punch & my stash of paint chips which I've accumulated & began to punch away!
Just a little close-up so you can see the dimension.
And a little sneeky-peek into the inside.....where I added one or two more butterflies.......just for fun!

Yesterday was another one of those busy- from- start- to- finish- with -all- manner- of- SAHM- tasks that seem to keep my days full. The morning included the usual.....quiet coffee time spent browsing my favorite blogs on the computer. Clean up the kitchen & get the laundry started. Kids begin to wake up & trickle downstairs one at a time. Give out school assignments for the day. Head upstairs to the shower. By now it's lunchtime & I need to make a run out to Food Lion to pick up some freezer bags & ice cream......because Mason had given us about half a bushel of peaches the night before & I needed to cut up/freeze the most part of them.....thus the freezer bags. And the icecream......well, it was to go with the peach cobbler I was going to make, of course. Before I left, I remembered I had to put the two chickens in the oven to roast for supper. Back home....clean up the lunch dishes & proceed to whip out these peaches real quick so I can have some scrappy time. (or so I hoped!!) The peaches took longer than I had expected....with a few pauses in between to do this or that for whoever. Finished that just a little before 4pm & thought I just might squeeze in time for one layout before supper.....especially since I already had the chickens  which had been in the oven roasting since noon...I was a step ahead with my supper preparations, right?! About the time I sit down at my scrapping comes Jon needing help with math! Isn't that the way it goes. All thoughts of scrappy time go flying out the window! After helping Jon with his math, I decided to just go sit on the couch for a few minutes & finish the row on my Hexagon Afghan while watching a smidge of NCIS. Suppertime.....clean-up.....fold the clean laundry from the day & change into my comfy pjs then back downstairs to make some yummy Paula Deen peach cobbler for dessert. I must say....that was THE BEST cobbler I think I have EVER made. And Clay even said so he went back for seconds! LOL I'm definitely tucking her recipe away & WILL be using that one again!! And so there ya have it.......a sneek- peek into a day here at the Bunner House.

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Cindy Gay said...

Sweet photo and layout about Ashley! She'll appreciate it this when she's your age!