Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Clay & Jon got up on the HIGH part of the roof yesterday to patch some places around the chimney. I really didn't care to watch.....told them I'd just sit inside & PRAY....LOL! But don't you know Clay had to call me to 'come see! And bring your camera!' Now this is the same man who HATES having his picture taken any other time.....but perch him up on the edge of a two-story roof & he wants me to come take his picture!

Michael was the official ladder-holder. He's on the lower part of the roof...over the kitchen here.

Jon was trying to haul off this HUGE limb that fell from our front tree the other day during a storm. He worked & worked at it & was finally able to get it loose & drag it off to the brush pile. Now, the yard is all clear for Clay to mow!

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