Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter & LU Orientation

Wow....our computer has been wonky again. This is the first time I've gotten on here since earlier in the day Thursday. Let's see....the kids had a blast Thurs. night at the Harry Potter Premier...except they kinda had stinky seats. They had to sit too close down front & they didn't like it!!! But other than that they had a ball & said the movie was awesome! Ashley got in the bed about 4am & slept til 7! I guess it could've been worse. Then we were up & at 'em for LU Orientation. We met Logan at 8:30 & went over to get them signed in. Thank goodness their last names were close so they were in the same group. Everyone was divided into Red & Blue groups & after the opening session Logan & Ashley stayed in the Town's Auditorium for their student stuff while Clay & I headed over to DeMoss for the parent stuff. After that, we met up with the girls & went & ate lunch in the ROT (The Reber Thomas Dining Hall). That was the first time we had eaten in there in YEARS!! Then, after lunch the Red/Blue groups the Blue group went & did the student/parent sessions that we had done that morning & we went to get their student ID pictures made, checked about Ashley's book money & then walked them through finding their classes. Poor Logan looked SO overwhelmed!! Was so glad we could be there with her to show her where stuff is. I'm sure we'll all remember where DeMoss room 2227 is! LOL!! That was a HOOT trying to find that one! Then it was on up to North campus for a bit. They wanted to see the gym/pool/weight room in the Tilley Center & we also showed them the Tower Theater. Clay had never seen that & because they were doing summer theater camp, it was open we got to go in & look around. We hadn't planned on staying all day at all, but by this point, we decided we would at least stay for the reception part which was up in the 'Box' area at the football stadium....up on the third floor. All in all, it was a really good day. We had fun & I think the girls had fun too & hopefully they both feel a little more comfortable & confident about starting school this fall. I didn't get too many pictures....but I did manage to sneak a few for scrapping purposes! ;-)

Logan & Ashley with Sparky

Ashley & Logan enjoying a little rest & some refreshments at the end of the day.

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