Saturday, July 23, 2011

There Lived a Beautiful Princess.............

More scrappy-ness for your enjoyment. This is Miss Ashley....the day she was born....just a few hours old actually. This was a sketch challenge. Another sketch we had to use pink. I love this picture of Ashley modeling her Easter dress for us......check out the hiking boots! LOL

This was a challenge to use 4 of something & also to make our own corrugated letters. I chose to do cards.....if we do cards, we have to make 2 in order for it to count toward the challenge. The first one is Michael's BD card.....he'll be 14 tomorrow. I did numbers on his instead of letters & I used 4 buttons.

This bottom card is just kind of a generic one that says '4 U' on the front & I also used 4 little pearls on the flower.

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Cindy Gay said...

I love "There live". Perfect title, design and photo!