Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ok, so I've been cleaning/purging/organizing my scrapping stuff today. Clay had bought two storage bin thingies.....you know, like you'd find in a workshop. He got them at a yard sale Sat. for $2....one for me & one for him to have out in his building. Anyway.....you know how you set out to do one thing & it leads to another which leads to yet another & so forth & so on. Well, that's how my day has gone. Here's my table in the middle of this whole cleaning process. Looks like a tornado swooped through!

My new storage unit. Nothing fancy.....but I've got tons in it & still empty little drawers for more. I hope this will help me use stuff.....you know having it more accessable....more right at my fingertips without having to plunder for stuff.

And in the process, I cleaned out several of my drawers. This 'dresser' that I have is actually part of an old bedroom suite that my cousin gave us years ago. The tall chest of drawers is upstairs in the kids' room, but I claimed this one for my scrapping storage. It fits perfectly under the dining room windows.

Paper drawer.....let's see how long it stays this neat. LOL!

And a look at my freshly cleaned off dresser.

This little shelf sits behind me when I scrap. I used to keep this three-drawer storage unit where the new storage unit sits, but I decided to swap them out. I was going to clean this whole thing out, but right now each girl has a drawer & so do I. Alli, who never scraps anymore, was going to have a fit if I cleaned her drawer so I just left this one alone for the time being. Can you see which drawer is hers......the bottom MESSY one! And please don't pass judgement on my stamp basket to the left. I haven't attempted the stamps yet. That will come another day.

And just for good measure......I thought I'd share this picture of Charlie that Alli took. He LOVES sleeping out on top of the dryer. He's even been known to hop inside, if he can catch it empty with the door left open.


Jan said...

Lookin' good girl! You wanna come help me clean and organize mine now? lol.

Cindy Gay said...

You've been busy! Great $2 find. My (large) cat blocks my monitor most times I'm in the scrapbook room!