Saturday, April 28, 2012

How often do you wash your hair?

I had been doing some research online about home remedies & help for oily hair since I have always had REALLY oily hair. I mean, wash it one morning & by the next morning it would be nasty! Like go nowhere.....see no one until I had gotten a shower/washed my hair. Well, most everything I was reading was saying that over-washing would actually make your oily hair worse! Like your body is trying to over-compensate for the natural oils that you strip away when you wash it each day. That it was good to go at least every other day if not more without washing your hair. Are you kidding me?? I just couldn't see myself pulling that one off. I kept thinking that maybe I'd give it a try, but then I always chickened out & washed it. I mean who wants to be seen with icky hair.....even if I was only going to be at home. But, I tell ya what.......I finally got brave enough. After we got back from NYC, I decided one Monday morning that I wasn't going to wash my hair. I sprinkled some baby powder through my hair & combed it really good & then pulled it back into a twisty bun. I actually survived. And do you know that now......6 weeks later, I am only washing my hair 3 times a week, at the most. It took a few weeks, like they said, for my body to adjust......but now, it's not really that bad at all. My hair actually feels thicker after a day or two of not washing. I did find this awesome product that has really helped.

Suave dry shampoo for a little over $ can be found at Target & Walmart & it really does work!  Smells great too! Alot better than the baby powder for absorbing the oils & you don't get any of that white powdery residue either.

The other nifty little thing that I'm so glad I invested in are these spin pins from Goody. It was the best $5.98 I ever spent! I thought if I was going to go days without washing my hair that I would want a good way of pulling it back. I had always wondered if these little ditties really worked or not & hated the thought of spending $5+ on them, but I finally broke down & bought some thinking that if I didn't like them I could always take them back.
I bought them one Friday, came home & watched a couple of youtube videos on how to used them & then I gave them a try the next day. I must say that I LOVE these little pins. They hold my hair ALL day. And that's saying something with my fine hair. 

Anyway, that's the scoop. Would love to hear what y'all have to say. Do you wash your hair everyday or not. Got any nifty tips/techniques that you'd like to share with me? Oh & the other thing I've been doing in my quest for healthier hair is I've been taking supplements.....just the skin, hair & nails vitamins that you can find at Walmart. I like to think it's all my hair is longer & healthier right now than it ever has been.


Fatcat said...

I wash my hair every day. I don't know if I can change. :-). My daughter uses the Suave stuff if she doesn't have time for her hair to dry before going someplace. Her hair is very, very, very thick. Mine is thinish and fine like yours, but it seems thicker since I've been gluten free. Weird, I know. :-)

donnamusing said...

I skip when I can just wear a hat but with wild bunch of curls- oh mercy! My daddy called it a "stump full of grand-daddies!" or "Medusa-head" My hair gets frizzy and dry! There is no fixing it unless I wash, conditioner, and tame it with a bunch of products. Oh, to have perfect hair! ;)