Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Ribbon Afghan

Thought I'd share some pictures this morning of that Stripe-ity 'Ribbon Afghan' I told you I was working on. I first came across it on this hooky blog I found called Fiddlesticks.

This is the picture of her finished blanket. Isn't it awesome?!
And you can find the pattern HERE if you are interested.
So, without further are the pictures of MY work-in-progress.

I just gathered together a bunch of left-overs that I had from other projects & got to work. There is no pattern as far as the colors go. I'm just making it up as I go along. Seeing what goes good together at the time. This is an awesome, mindless project.....good to work on while watching TV or if you just need to relax. I want to finish this one up here soon because Alli has informed me that she needs a new blanket for her bed. A more full-size afghan. Since the one I made for her several years ago was much smaller....more like  nice lap blanket. She has decided that she wants one like this:

A 'Babette' style.....with both the larger & smaller sizes of grannies. I'm just itching to go shopping for new yarn & get started on a new project! Would be nice to think I could get it done for her before the end of the year.


Sandee said...

Love the stripes! The new project is such a pretty pattern. I can't wait to see the colors you select for it!

Fatcat said...