Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Big Adventure

This past Sunday evening we had quite the adventure.  A trip to the ER as we thought I might have had a stroke. I had noticed on Friday, I think, that my lip felt funny.....nothing really major.....the only way I could think to describe it was like your lip might feel after coming from the dentist. I didn't really pay it much attention. I mentioned it to Clay on Saturday....but again, just kind of in passing. But it wasn't until Sunday....it was still kind of wonky.....just not right & he said my face just didn't look 'right'. Then he & Jon both said it looked like my left eye wasn't closing whenever I blinked. After talking to a friend of his at work who's wife is an EMT, she told him to get my butt to the ER right away because it sounded like a stroke. Kind of freaked me out! I really hated the thought of going on a weekend to the ER.....figured that would mean ALL night.....but I knew we needed to. We just prayed that God would go before us. And don't you know, that as soon as we walked in the door....to a FULL waiting room, no less.........that as soon as the word 'stroke' crossed Clay's lips, they slapped me in a wheel chair & took us straight back. Pretty much from the git-go though, they had ruled out the stroke because I could lift my arms above my head, raise my legs while sitting, squeeze their hands really hard, etc. They told us it was Bell's Palsy....which I had actually just read about Sunday afternoon while googling my symptoms. So, that was a real praise! Everyone was quick to act & SO kind. They gave me prednisone at the hospital with a perscription to take this week along with telling us to get some natural tears & eye gel for my left eye that doesn't like to close all the way. Here I had thought my allergies were just really bad......which they have been....but I'm sure the allergy eyes plus not being able to blink properly....the one was just aggravating the other. I never at all associated my itchy burning eyes(especially the left one that tearing on me) with what I was feeling in my lip. Anyways....the other big praise was that we were only gone for about 2 hours. We left as soon as Chris got home from work....around 7:30 & even with the stop at Walmart for eye drops/gel we were home around 9:30pm.

I hate posting a picture of myself.....but knew that down the road I'd like to have the comparison. I can be so very grateful that it doesn't seem to be as bad as some cases that I saw online. God is always good....all of the time, Amen?!


Fatcat said...

I can't really tell at all in this picture, maybe a little bit. A friend of mine had Bell's palsy so I had heard of it.

So glad it wasn't a stroke!

Amy said...

It's funny how once you start talking about it that you find out just how many people have heard of it or know someone who has had it. Come to find out that my best friend had it about 16 years ago right before her first baby was born. I didn't even know.

Cindy Gay said...

Glad to hear everything went well. Bob had Bell's palsy a few years back. He thought the same thing. He was told it sometimes is caused by driving with the window down. . . but the palsy was on the right side of his face not the left. He was also told there would be 95% recovery but he never missed the 5%. Scary though especially for the spouse(s)!

Sandee said...

What a scare that must have been. I am so glad you are going to be fine and it wasn't a stroke! Love ya!!!