Thursday, April 05, 2012

NYC--last installment

On Wednesday morning we took the subway down & headed to the Brooklyn Bridge.
If you look closely in that middle little triangle section, you can see the Statue of Liberty there in the distance.
Clay pointed out the first day we were there this cool old wooden water tank on top of a building. From then on, we began to notice them all over the city. They are really cool-looking! In the 19th century, New York City required that all buildings higher than six stories be equipped with a rooftop water tower. This was necessary to prevent the need for excessively high pressures at lower elevations, which could burst pipes.[citation needed] In modern times, the towers have become fashionable in some circles. As of 2006, the neighborhood of Tribeca requires water towers on all buildings, whether or not they are being used.[citation needed] Two companies in New York build water towers, both of which are family businesses in operation since the 19th century.[3]
The original water tower builders were barrel makers who expanded their craft to meet a modern need as buildings in the city grew taller in height. Even today, no sealant is used to hold the water in. The wooden walls of the Water Tower are held together with cables but leak through the gaps when first filled. As the water saturates the wood it swells, the gaps close and become impermeable.[4]
The rooftop water towers store 25,000 litres (5,500 imp gal) to 50,000 litres (11,000 imp gal) of water until it is needed in the building below. The upper portion of water is skimmed off the top for everyday use while the water in the bottom of the tower is held in reserve to fight fire. When the water drops below a certain level, a pressure switch, level switch or float valve will activate a pump or open a public water line to refill the water tower.[4]

My first up-close view of the new Freedom Tower
Looking down on Ground Zero
I loved seeing that American Flag flying over the work site there at Ground Zero.
Walking along the Hudson River
Looking across to New Jersey.
My anniversary gift.....from Tiffanys. Clay got me a little silver heart charm with 'Tiffany & Co.' engraved on it. We want to get our anniversary date engraved on the back side now. What a special, FOREVER gift for our silver/25th anniversary!
On our way home Thursday, we had to stop at this HUGE Cabelas store in Hamburg, PA.
Clay acting like a nut in Cabelas.
We also made a stop in Hershey, PA.
Check out the street sign.......'Chocolate Ave'
....and the cool street lights!
The Hershey factory
And lastly, my charm once he got a chain for it. I LOVE it!! What an awesome keepsake celebrating 25 years married to this super, awesome man that God gave me!


Patti said...

What a wonderful trip and what a wonderful guy! Love the Tiffany's touch....he's a keeper. Congrats on 25 years of marriange...great kids and a life that honors the Lord.

Sandee said...

Hmmmm, I don't know which photo I like best: the one of the "nut" in Cabelo's or the Hershey factory!
The Freedom Tower is a beautiful building. Your photos are awesome. I feel like I've had a personal tour of NYC!
Happy 25 years to y'all!