Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This past Wednesday, April 11, was Jon-Boy's 17th birthday. We had a quiet celebration here at home. Homemade apple cinnamon muffins & coffee for breakfast. Then there were presents to open. He was doing his impression of Pop in the above photo......carefully slitting the tape with his pocket knife so as not to mess up the paper...that way it could be used again. ;-) Used to drive me crazy on Christmas mornings when I was a kid.....you know....excited & wanting him to just rip into his gifts & see what he got....but not Pop. He only knew one speed & that was slow & meticulous.
Jon's big gift was a docking station for his ipod. Do you think he was happy with his gift? He also got money, some clothes & some new cds. Oh & a new Liberty mug for his coffee from Ashley.
I guess by now, you blog-readers have come to realize that we tend to have problems with BD candles in this family. LOL!! Over the years the number ones have gotten melted down & icky & I guess I didn't realize that they had all been thrown away. I didn't even have any of the little plain ole BD candles. So, Michael's bright solution.........just stick a few matches in the cake & light them.
Of course with burning matches on a cake....we had to sing Happy Birthday REALLY quickly & I missed Jon blowing out his matches. So, he just lit another one & blew it out for me.
Too, bad I didn't actually catch him 'blowing it out' this time either. I was a little trigger happy, I guess & snapped a tad too soon. Oh well....doesn't really matter....we had fun & that's all that counts!

Happy Birthday, Jon! 
We love you big bunches!!

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