Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily Art Journal Pages

I'm going to catch you all up on some of my art journal pages.........

Just a Pinterest post that I copied
This one was fun. I've been playing with lots of layering. I love the look I see in others' art journals & I think I'm getting better with this technique. I started off with a lettering stencil & sponged the letters on with acrylic paint. It was kind of a poor job of stenciling, so I outlined the letters to make them stand out. Then I pulled out some random rubber stamps & stamped some images here & there. I also glued on some tidbits of paper ripped from an old phone book. After that sat & simmered a while, I came back yet again & wrote out the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.....'10,000 Reasons'. Next was a very thin layer of light blue acrylic scraped on with an old gift card. Lastly I painted those zig-zag borders that I recently saw on someone's blog. Stamped the orange paint cap around randomly & last of all, I flicked some red water color & let it run. I guess I'm done......who knows, I may still come back & add something later. That's what's so fun about can always come back & add to what you've done!
Just some journaling & doodling with my markers. It doesn't show up very well, but I've also added some sparkles with the blue glitter glue along the swirlies.
More marker doodles along with a few Bible verses.
Another fun layering page. I showed part of this earlier. Acrylic paint background stamped with corrugated cardboard. There are bits of an old security envelope glued down along with some washi tape up the middle. I stamped the dotted border with a pencil eraser & then  outlined with a white crayon & washed over it with green water color. I glued down a couple of tea bag tags & stamped that 'laugh' banner. Again, not sure if this one's finished or not.......
I got this idea from another new blog I've been reading.......just draw flowers.....lots & lots of flowers. I've actually gone back now & started adding more color here.
Another layered page. Phone book page pieces glued down. Yellowish-green acrylic paint, then bubble wrap painted with blue paint stamped on randomly. Washi tape & some doodling along with some pastels colored & smudged here & there.
This one is NOT finished. I wrote the verse across the middle & then came back & painted some orange paint on with an old gift card.
Yet another layered version here. This time I put down some pieces of duct tape. I kind of stuck it & unstuck it on my jeans first so it wouldn't ruin the paper. Then I painted the light turquoise color on. When it was dry, I peeled the tape off leaving the blank spaces for my journaling. I again, used the bubble wrap to stamp on some red paint & then smeared a bit of gesso over it to tone it down a smidge. I stamped the  diamonds with black ink. Glued down the ghostie figures that I had cut from a scrapping magazine then journaled & doodled.
Traced around both ends of a medicine cup here. Journaled & doodled with my markers.
Love how this one turned out! It's totally copied from an Art Journaling magazine. Sketched out & then painted with acrylic paints. Outlined with a fine tip sharpie. Then I actually cut around those leafy-thingies. Lastly I added my journaling.


Hope I can inspire y'all to create something this weekend!


Fatcat said...

I really like the bright ideas one.

Susan said...

These are delightful and inspiring.

Sandee said...

You always inspire me. I just need you closer to KICK me in the rear to get me moving!