Sunday, September 09, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my sweet Ashley-Girl's 19th birthday. I know it's so cliche to say 'where has the time gone?'....but seriously. A college sophomore majoring in journalism. She's beautiful both inside & out & we praise God for the joy she brings into our lives!
We all gathered at Maw's house today after church for a birthday celebration.
Ashley requested Maw's apple crisp instead of cake. So, we stuck the candles in & all sang 'Happy Birthday'
Blowing out the candles.
Jon had my camera here & snapped this one......Love that smile she flashed him!!!
Ashley & her 'favorite brother'. ;-) See Alli trying to sneak into the picture?
There she is!
My 'Fantastic Five'. I love these guys so much!
So glad that Ashley C. could come up to celebrate with us this weekend!
And of course they had to do a silly picture.
Opening gifts. This was a Jane Austin devotional book from Maw. Ashley had seen this at Lifeway & really wanted it.
Chris made this poster for's that for an 'original'? The picture didn't take too well with the glare of the light.....but it's Audrey Hepburn over the NYC skyline & it says Breakfast at Tiffany's down the side.
Here's one of Jon's gifts that he made for her. She had seen this cool, funky pencil holder on Pinterest & hinted that she'd love to have Jon made this for her. He also whittled her a wooden ring. It turned out SO cool!
Alli's gift....for her dorm room wall.
Ashley had to take some pictures for her photography class this afternoon & so Alli agreed to help her out. I LOVE this one!
What a fun day we had. God has truly blessed us beyond measure with family & friends to share life with!


Fatcat said...

Beautiful girl, wonderful blessings you have there.

I agree about where does the time go?

Why do they have to grow up so quickly?!

Cindy Gay said...

Such a nice family! Apple crisp..........a good choice!

Patti said...

I never tell you enough how much I enjoy reading about your family ( my Waltons). Thanks for shring your life with all of us. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.