Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sickies

Jon started with a cold the other day. Not terrible, but he keeps coughing & sounds so hoarse! Then Chris came home yesterday evening saying her felt like he was getting it too. Scratchy throat & drainage. Thank goodness he's off tomorrow & can just take it easy. Jon ended up sleeping on the couch last night so his coughing wouldn't keep Chris awake & also with the hopes of propping himself up enough to keep the drainage from bothering him. Needless to say, he didn't feel like going to church with us just Michael, Alli & I went. Now don't you know that Michael is sick too. He came in for supper saying his throat was really sore! I guess it's going to make the rounds. I'm sitting here at this very moment drinking my echinacea  tea.

Just thought y'all might like to see what Jon found out on our sidewalk yesterday afternoon. It was a wounded little garter snake. I guess one of the cats drug it up there to show us.
A couple more pages from my daily art journal. This inspiration came during some of my blog browsing the other day. The background is made up of torn phone book pages which I glued down & then put a thin coat of gesso over top....scraping it really thin with an old gift card so you could still see the phone book pages, but giving me enough grit to paint on. I painted the outline with acrylic paint & then colored it in with my trusty sharpies.
For this page, I had found a list of journal prompts that I had written down a while back & so I randomly selected the one about 'What I Ate Today'. Granted Friday is NOT the best day of the week to document what I eat, but anyway. I'm sure I'll go back & end up adding color to some of these pages.
I've started tossing this journal in my purse on's the perfect size. And I can take notes at church & still come back later & decorate to my heart's content! I sat out under my tree this afternoon did all this doodling.
It was such a perfect Fall day......just right at 70 degrees!
I also did a little hooky work while outside this afternoon too. I'm plugging along with Alli's afghan. I think I must have 'CREATIVE A.D.D.' I work in my art journal for a while & then I'll crochet several squares. Sometimes I'll even whip out the cross-stitch I'm working on or maybe that dish cloth I'm knitting. I just LOVE it all & have to make sure I have time to work a little bit on all my projects. LOL!

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Kaye said...

Ugh. I hope everyone is feeling better today!