Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Walk

While the boys laid around feeling crummy today, Alli & I went out & took a beautiful Fall walk. Since we didn't do book work today....because of the sickies......we got some physical education in. Also figured a little  vitamin D from the sun couldn't hurt either.

Just starting up the hill......looking across to our house.
We thought this cow had gotten left over in this field all by herself......she was the only cow we saw the whole time we were out there. But Clay said all the rest of them were just down on the other side of the hill.
Such a pretty view from up here. Looking out across toward our house. That's David's house in the foreground.
Love this one! My pretty Alli-Cat.

The kids go sledding down this hill in the winter time.
We had to take our shoes off to cross the creek.  Nothing like the feeling of wading through the ooey gooey gushy cow water. LOL!
Alli ended up with it up to her shins. I fared a little better than she did. Such a fun time together! Times like these make me ever so thankful that we homeschool & can do things like this! And just for the record.....Alli, Micheal & I took Rocky & rode out to McDonald's after this to get an ice cream cone......and a cup of ice water for Rocky. Love the everyday memories we get to make!


Sandee said...

It's a good thing I taught you to say "hills" instead of "mountains"! What a beautiful corner of the world y'all (that's one you taught me..) live in.

Kaye said...

Alli is growing up way too fast! Beautiful pics.