Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mail Art

I am in love with these awesome envelopes! You can check them out here at Living Creatively.
Between Sandee & her love of REAL mail & these happy envelopes, I've been inspired to decorate & actually mail some of my own. I sent a card....for no reason, but just to say Ashley & her room-mate last week. Decorated the envelopes & was so excited about mailing them that I forgot to take a picture first. Silly me!

Here's one I did yesterday. Forgive the scrap of paper....I had already addressed it & didn't want to show the address on here. But you still get the idea. Fun to do & hopefully fun to receive.


Sandee said...

Way cool! This reminds me so much of the 60's when we all wrote letters and decorated the envelopes.

Kaye said...

Cute! I so rarely send anything in the mail anymore. I did send a lot of letters to Morgan this summer, but decorating the envelopes would have been a HUGE no-no. We were even cautioned to only send white envelopes. What a pain! LOL!!

Marjie Kemper said...

Great pages! Love that huge vibrant flower and your cool mail art envelope.