Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Break

So, we've been on Fall Break this week. Technically, Ashley didn't come home til Wednesday, but the rest of us went ahead & set the books aside so we could do some cleaning & straightening & dusting & vacuuming, etc. BEFORE Ashley came home. Clay picked Ashley up Wednesday evening on his way home from work. We celebrated with some Vitos Pizza for supper. Yum! Thursday, Ashley worked her first night of Scaremare. I dropped her off about 4:30pm & then we sent Chris & Jon back to pick her up about midnight.

Today, the girls & I went off on an adventure. She needed to take pictures for a photo assignment she has off we went down some back country roads through Oakridge.

Cool old bridge
Looking down the RR tracks toward our house
I was feeling very creative with this shot. I took it from my mirror....I pulled over & let her get out so she could take some up close pictures of the bridge.
Lake Nelson
Skippy & Faye's old house. How's that for a cool Halloween 'Haunted House'.
This awesome gate was across the street from the house above.

Ashley got tons of cool pictures....both digital & film. I'll have to see if I can snag some of her digital ones from facebook & share them here. Can't wait to see how the film ones turn out.


Fatcat said...

What is she majoring in? What kind of photo assignment. I'm nosy. You all do live in a really pretty area.

Amy said...

She wants to do photo-journalism...There's not a major in photography at LU (yet, anyway) she's majoring in journalism with a minor in photography. And I'm not really sure WHAT that assignment was....I'm thinking she was playing around with depth of field.

Amy said...
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Cindy Gay said...

Like the last photo Amy!

Kaye said...

Great photos. I love the bridge!