Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Fun & Answered Prayers!

Took my Girlie back to school this afternoon. While in town, we just had to make a run by the Halloween Store. Didn't buy anything, of course, but the kids had fun looking around & trying on different masks.

Alli didn't try any on.....germs & all, ya know. It is kind of icky when you really stop & think about how many people try these on. 

On a totally different note....for some reason this past Friday, Ella, Maw & I were talking about praying & how we 'Have not, because we ask not'. I told them how I had just personally had a prayer answered like that on Wednesday. I just REALLY wanted pizza for supper. Just sounded good to me.....selfish, yes.....but I was honest & prayed. I also knew that the kids had really had it in their minds to have pizza when Ashley came home on break & it was just one of those things that would make for a sweet family memory. In the end, God answered my prayer when Clay called to say that he & Ashley would stop & bring Vitos pizza home for supper that evening. Thank You, Jesus! 

Then today, I had another prayer answered 'because I asked.' Jon has been wanting an LU hoodie for a year now. I got him one last year, but the sleeves were just a tad short for him. So I took it back & exchanged it for a larger size. But that was just TOO big. The third time around, I took him with me, but he just couldn't find one that fit/ that he liked/that didn't cost a small fortune. So we waited.....all through the summer & now that the weather has gotten cooler he's been non-stop letting me know that he NEEDS his LU hoodie. So, since we were going to take Ashley back to school today, he asked if we couldn't just at least stop by the bookstore & look around & he could try some on to see what we might find. I prayed before we left......God knew that we've been on the hoodie search for a year now & that Jon really wanted one AND needed one.
Don't you know that not only did he find one that he liked & fit, but IT WAS ON SALE too! 25% off!! All I can say again is Thank you, Jesus! I love how he cares about our everyday & even sometimes selfish prayers.

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