Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Days & Scaremare

The leaves on my front steps
The kids had raked up a pile of leaves in the front yard. I don't think you ever get too old to play in the leaves.
Another one of Alli's drawings.....'I Love Lucy'
Thursday night Ella & I took the kids to Scaremare.....our fall tradition now. We had such a fun time. It's Scaremare's 40th anniversary & so they added a second building to go through. The old warehouse. It was ok....the best part was the big blow-up slide we went down at the end. Then you continued on to the trail through the woods & went through the old house as usual. Alli & Cori decided to have some fun this year & scream & act scared. It was a hoot! We were behind the girls & they most certainly DO go after the ones that are screaming & that they think are scared. Good times, I tell ya.....good times!

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