Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Party

We had our Homeschool Halloween Party at Maw's house today. We were going to do it next week....a little closer to Halloween, but the girlies (the teen-age ones) asked if we could do it today.....because Taylor Swift's new cd came out today & they both wanted to go to Target & get it. Miss Alli-Cat has been a working fool around here for the past two weeks working to earn money for this cd. I've had my laundry washed & folded, dishes done & she even vacuumed my van the other day. Seriously, this girl got Jon to take ALL the seats out so she could vacuum. She definitely earned this new cd.
Before the party started
Zombie Bride & bridesmaid......I see a future at Scaremare here.
Taylor Swift
Snow White & an Angel
Luke Skywalker, Mario & Camo Man
Getting a little silly.....
....and sillier still.....
They're 'Swifties'.......Taylor Swift fans.
 Sunday afternoon Ashley & a bunch of her friends went to Johnson's Apple Orchard. I loved this picture with the big Johnny Appleseed.

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Sandee said...

Well shoot a mile, I was hoping to call you @ Maw's on Halloween during your party. You just had to "rush" things!!
Fun costumes!!!
What a beautiful area you live in.