Monday, March 25, 2013

Crochet, Curls & Snow

Saturday turned out to be a really pretty day. Just warm enough that I couldn't resist sitting out in the sunshine for awhile & sneeking in a little hooky time.
Here you have the beginnings of my Granny Patch, Lucy-inspired blanket. Four-round Granny squares using the join-as-you-go method. I'm loving it so far & as of this afternoon, I'm already starting my third row.

Sure they were calling for snow this weekend.......but it's the end of March.....Spring, remember? So, who would've seriously thought that we would get any significant snow? It had started by the time we got to church & there was a good inch on the ground by the time we got out & headed home.

This what it looked like by about 5pm......


I must admit, it was really pretty!
By this morning, we had a good 4-5" on the ground.....but sitting here right now, at 5:45pm, it's almost all gone. Yes, it was beautiful, but I'm ready for Spring Bring it on!
Random & very unlike me to post pictures of my hair......but our power was flickering all morning long & so I ran upstairs for a REALLY quick shower & decided to forgo washing my hair. Instead, I decided I'd borrow Alli's curling iron & see if I could make it presentable today.....especially since we are on Day 2 since hair washing. And guess what......I really like how it turned out! Tousled, natural-looking curls.
And they've stayed all day too. Methinks I just might find myself doing this again.

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Fatcat said...

The hair is pretty. Mine wouldn't hold a curl for 2 minutes for anything, so I'm kind of jealous. :-)