Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What We've Been Doing

What a gorgeous spring day after having snow yesterday.
It started Sunday night with sleet & by the time I went to bed, it had turned to snow & the ground was covered. This was taken from the bathroom window yesterday afternoon.
What a difference 24 hours can make....Now, today it's 60 degrees outside.....although it is quite windy....but after all, it IS March.

Thought I'd share some of the stuff the kiddos have been learning here lately. Now, for the faint of heart.....you may not want to look at these next few pictures.....so just be warned.
Not exactly your usual artistic pursuits, but hey....you have to admit, the girl has talent! We've said for a couple of years now that Alli definitely should work Scare Mare when she's older.....as one of the make-up artists. She has researched online & found out how to make these really gross/awesome-looking wounds with simple stuff like tacky glue, toilet paper & make-up.
Seriously....my 14 year old girl doesn't care about WEARING make-up.....instead, this is what she does with it.


And what a plus to have a willing brother who let you paint his face.
She has also been really into making Dream Catchers....with whatever she can find around the house. She has used old bangle bracelts, embroidery hoops & even some big hoop ear rings. She has a whole stash of beads, feathers & emroidery floss. She has made some really pretty ones. Alot of talent in that teen-age, girl, I tell ya!
She has also decided that she wants me to crochet her a top similar to this one.....but in a soft white. She wants something like this to go over her sun dresses & tank tops. She did alot of searching online & actually came across this one in a crochet magazine that I had. I googled the photo here to show y'all.
This is what Michael has been up to. Last week they burned off a big ole pile of brush out in our garden & so Clay got this cool 150 lb. retrieving magnet so they could get up all the old nails & tidbits before plowing the garden. Michael has been aiming this sucker at anything & everything metal!

I told him he reminded me of Wile E. Coyote with the giant magnet.
And although this isn't really our chicken coop....this is what Clay & the boys are doing right now for their Wood Shop Class. Doing some repair work on our chicken coop. It's really old & the plywood has started dry-rotting & the last couple of night something has gotten in & killed two of our chickens. They think it's probably a weasel. So, they are working on repairing the dry-rotted walls now & will set some traps tonight & see if they catch whatever has been getting our chickens.

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