Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Our Weekend Get-Away

We had a really fun time on our weekend get-away this past Saturday & Sunday. We left a little after noon on Saturday heading to Roanoke & got there early enough to browse around Tanglewood Mall for a little bit before our check-in time at the Hotel Roanoke.
We headed downstairs for the banquet around 6pm. It was really nice & the food was excellent. The company we shared was quite interesting......& we'll just leave it at that. LOL After all was said & done, we went back up to our room a little before 11pm....snuggled in bed & watched the last Harry Potter movie on TV. We're such party animals, aren't we?!
Sunday morning we were downstairs enjoying a scrumptious breakfast in the Regency Room when all of a sudden the fire alarm starts going off. We sat there for a bit waiting to see what was up, but they soon had everyone scurrying outside into the COLD 30-degree morning with snow flakes flurrying all around us. With no coat or anything, it was quite chilly! Thank goodness we were up & having our breakfast though.....there were folks coming down in their pjs, barefooted, etc. There was even one lady that jumped out of the shower, I guess....her hair was all wrapped up in a towel. We were only outside for about 10 minutes maybe. We figured it was just a fluke....someone hit the alarm by accident or did something that made it go off. But anyway.....all was well & we went back in to our table & had another cup of coffee to warm us up after our adventure.
While Clay was checking out, I snapped a few pictures of the main lobby....

The fire in the fire place was such a nice cozy touch
After we checked out, we went to the Valley View Mall & shopped around for a while before heading home. We got home about 3pm or so. It was a nice little mini-vacation.

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