Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Date

I spent the day with my sweetheart yesterday.....the second 'date' we've had within the same month. Wow! This time we were shopping for clothes for the Frito Lay banquet coming up this weekend. Like I mentioned before....he was looking for a sport coat & I just needed a pair of shoes to go with the outfit I got.
First off, he took me to lunch at Hibachi Grill. This was the first time either of us had been there & we REALLY enjoyed it!
Next, we headed over to the mall. It was such a nasty, cold & rainy day.....but we really had a fun time together. He didn't find the sport coat he was looking for, but we did get a couple of golf shirts for the boys & I found a pair of shoes.

After our shopping, we were cold & decided a nice hot McD's coffee was in order. We also got a cup for Ashley & dropped by to visit with her for a little bit. I had some paints that I was needing to take her for an art project that she was working  on. I love being close enough by to see my girly each week.


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