Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday's Unschooling Lessons

Yesterday was quite a day. Clay was off & I knew he & the boys had planned to go get a couple loads of firewood, but I didn't know that he wanted me to go with him to town to shop for his upcoming trip after the wood-cutting. So, I kind of had to reprogram my brain....change up what I was going to fix for supper......decided that I'd run out to Food Lion & get a can of cream of chicken soup & throw some chicken & rice in the crock pot. That way supper would be ready when we got home & all I'd need to do would be to steam some broccoli & make some corn muffins. So......while they went to get their first load of wood, I ran out to Food my stuff & was ready to leave. When I went to back up out of the parking spot, I heard this I don't know how to describe or do the sound effects like a man can, but anyway....the car wouldn't I put it into 'drive' & tried to get back into the parking spot....but the car didn't want to do that either. I was kind of freaking out thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD had I done to the car. I got it to go forward just enough so that I wasn't blocking everything & then I called Clay. Long story short & two hours later.......the tire rod came undone & needs to be fixed. I can only praise Jesus that it all happened the way it did......actually right here at the Food Lion parking lot & not out on the highway somewhere....Clay was off & at home & could come rescue Chris was at work inside Food Lion. So, like I said Clay & Jon came & got it so they could drive it home. Then he took a quick shower & we headed to town to shop. I prayed the whole way there that we could just let the stress of all this fall God & enjoy our time together. And ya know what......we did. We had fun shopping, found some really good sales at the mall, saw Ashley for a minute & even had an early 'Valentine's' dinner at Taco Bell. Just praying that they can get this fixed today because we are supposed to be having a Valentine party at Maw's tomorrow.
**I can't help it, because my brain is still very much in 'Unschooling' mode & I seem to be taking note of EVERY.LITTLE.THING that we do that can be considered a learning experience........but that's what I was thinking yesterday as I sat in the Food Lion parking lot watching Jon & Clay work on the car. I'm really amazed at Jon's mechanical skills. He even spent quite a bit of time online last night reseraching how to fix the tire rod & told Clay what parts/tools he needed to get at Advance Auto so we could fix it. He's got printed out step-by-step instructions & feels confident that it won't be too hard to fix. ** And when we got home at 9pm last night, Alli was in the kitchen drying & putting away the last of the dishes. She had washed them & cleaned up the kitchen & even made tea. I do believe that she IS growing up just a tad. ;-)
And now, after reading my novel......for your viewing pleasure.......the rest of my art journal pages.
Another 'fancy' edged page.
This one started off as a journal entry one day when I was rather pa-tooed. After spilling my guts, I painted over top of it all, did some scribbles in the wet paint & then splattered green paint & finally added the colorful border.....
Both of these were done one night when we had lost our power. I had been wanting to do a 'face' page like I've seen others do, so with nothing else to do that night, I plunged right in & had a fun time just playing. Down the side, it says 'Art By Lamplight'.
I always hate tossing out my greeting cards, but really....where/how do you store/save them all. So, since I've started art journaling, I've been cutting out any designs that I like & also the greetings/notes that folks write to you in the cards. This one is a BD card from my Aunt Linda. I loved the little vase of flowers & on the top of the opposite page, you can see the note that she wrote. Also, another something new is my very first ever hand carved eraser stamp. I carved that fence stamp out of a regular old pink eraser. Not bad for my first try if I do say so myself.
In these last two photos, I was playing with some new art supplies that I got for my birthday. The top right hand journal page was just me trying out some new pens that I got from Michaels last Friday. I labeled them for future reference. The other red & turquoise pages (I'm loving that color combo right now) were mainly just me playing with some new stencils that I happened upon accidentally in the craft aisle of Walmart......several different designs in one package for a little over $2. I kow I'll get a ton of use out of those!!

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