Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Ok, so I've been on a role again of researching & digging more into Unschooling. I spent my spare minutes yesterday going down about 500 rabbit trails.....reading blogs & article after article after article. I found some amazing sites out there! I'll share some of the links that I came across here at the bottom of this post, but what I really wanted to share here today is all the learning that took place in our home yesterday even though it was a 'day off' was Chris' birthday. After reading a few Unschooling articles yesterday morning, I decided to grab my notebook & write down what I noticed that was going on around me & here's what I got.
~Clay, Chris & Jon spent the morning researching our cell phone usage over the past year......they went through all the bank spent, minutes used, etc. trying to see which is more beneficial for us....a family plan or pay-as-you-go method. Not sure what they came up with, but they got alot of info down on paper.
~Michael needed a way to measure 1 oz. of flea dip for Rocky & so we looked up & found out that 1 oz = 2 Tbs. So, he cut off an old water bottle....measured out 2 Tbs. of water into it.....put a mark on the side to know where to fill it to.....all of this so he wouldn't have to use my measuring spoons for the flea dip.....he could just pour directly into the cut-off water bottle & fill to the line. ;-)
~The boys (Chris & Jon) actually 'taught' Clay how to play one of their video games (football). It was so fun to listen to them in there. Clay used to be the video game King back in the day & it was funny to watch him having to learn all over again......10 years later. Oh & it must be noted too, that he whooped Jon's butt! LOL
~Jon & Chris changed the oil & filter on Chris' car. I love that my boys know how to do practical stuff like this.
~We googled & looked up about artificial turf on baseball fields. This came about after sitting in the church parking lot Sunday, waiting on Ashley, & watching the guys lay down the turf at the new LU baseball field.
~Running BD candles under warm water & feeling them get all bendy & then running them under cold water to harden them again. And YES, I was washing off & saving the BD candles to use again. boys decided it would be much more fun to make their very own cool twisty candles & so they did 'science' or 'art' or whatever you want to label it & wonked up all the candles I had planned to save. I couldn't fuss at them after all this lovely Unschooling stuff I had been reading all day long. For heaven's sake.....they were experimenting & creating!!
~Alli spent quite a bit of time researching Taylor Swift conert tickets...the seating layout at the John Paul Jones Arena, not to mention getting Clay to set up an account on Ticket Master so we'll be ready when the tickets go on sale. I tell ya....she's PREPARED! She's even told me all about parking & the fees.....everything!
Here are a few links that I've read so far & thought y'all might enjoy:

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