Sunday, February 03, 2013

It's Been a Good Day!

Today has been one of those happy fuzzy-feeling days. Like driving home from Maw's this evening just smiling to myself & praising God! Here's how my day went.
First off, I must admit that I was a terrible rebel.....when I was getting ready for church, my kiddos (Jon) DARED me to wear mismatched socks. I told him I was a mom......40-something years old.....I couldn't do that. But the more he kept on, the crazier things got & I told him I had half a mind to just do it. And I did. LOL! Told ya, I was a rebel.
Because it was Super Bowl Sunday we had one service at church especially for the men & another service for the ladies. Ella & I were both really excited to hear Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries. I get their daily devotions  & had read her book 'Made to Crave' but had never heard her speak in person. She was AMAZING! Love her!! If you ever get the chance to go hear her, do it! It just so happened that after Ella picked up Jesse & Taylor from their classes & met us back on Main Street.....she was saying how she wished she had money to buy her book & get her to sign it because there was almost no one there talking to her at that point. I remembered that I had BD money with me so we just kind of strolled on down & I got her new book 'Unglued' & got her to sign it for me & she even posed with us for a picture. Mine turned out pretty bad....I really do need a new camera, but anyway. Maybe Ella's pics turned out better.


After church, we ran by Ashley's dorm & picked her up so she could join us for an afternoon of celebrating Maw. Her 73rd BD is Tuesday & so we partied today after church. Really sad that Sarah & family couldn't join us....Daniel was feeling really crummy with a bad head cold & they didn't want to pass the germs around.
Maw with her BD cake.....Memaw's coconut cake.
Alli made this cool canvas art for Maw. Notice the crayons glued along the top & then melted to run down. So cool!
Taylor loves Jon so much. She  gave him her phone number today. WooHoo! Things are getting serious with these two. She even got him to play Barbies with her in the living room. I tell ya, he's gonna be a good daddy one day!
Got home this evening & Clay fixed BBQ wings for them to eat on while watching the Super Bowl while I enjoyed a nice mama/daughter chat on Facebook with my college-girly!'s been a good day!!

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