Sunday, February 24, 2013

Art Supplies

Was playing around this afternoon with new art goodies. I have been wanting to get some water color crayons for a good while now & I finally broke down & got some on Friday. I LOVE the way they work. You just color/scribble with them & then take a paint brush to them. So cool & the colors are so vibrant!
The black paint was already there.....some acrylic that I had leftover & just sponged on these pages so I didn't waste it. So, I took my watercolor crayons (the darker blue on one page & lighter bluish/green on the other side) & scribbled around the edges & in the white spaces & then painted over it all with water. After that dried, I scribbled some circles in reds & then painted over that. Just FUN!
This was just a fun little Valentine page I did with the note I got from Kaye & the Snoopy sticker I saved from the back of the envelope.
'One Sparrow shall not fall on the ground without your Father.' --Matt. 10:29
Michael had done a scribble drawing late one night & I thought is was I saved it & cut the circles out to make flowers. 'The Quieter you become the more you can hear.' QUIET is my word for this year & I'm TRYING really hard to practice being quiet. It's so hard when you come from a LOUD family like ours.


Fatcat said...

My daughter has some of those and I want to try them. I might soon. I'm totally hooked on art journaling now. It's so relaxing to me. Mine are mostly just doodles though.

Cindy Gay said...

You do a great job with your art journaling! The name "Reeves" is my maiden name.

Kaye said...

Guess which page is my favorite!! LOL!