Saturday, February 09, 2013

A Little of This & a Little of That.....

On Tuesday, we celebrated Chris' 24th birthday. How can it be possible that I have a  child that is 24?! I was his age when he was born. Yikes! He was off work on Tues. & we just partied here...hanging out together at home. We had our traditional  Birthday cinnamon buns for breakfast, Vitos pizza for supper & after watching the new episode of NCIS, we had cake & ice cream.
Here are some of our latest unschooling projects....notice the artistic nature of most of the stuff we do around here. Alli drew this picture of Taylor Swift using colored pencils this time. It seems she just has a gift for matter what medium she works in.
This is Alli's project in marketing/merchandising. That's what I labeled it, anyway. She just did it. We keep Charlie's little treats in the corner of my vitamin basket sitting on the counter. And I realized that everytime I go to get my vitamins, he comes....thinking I'm going to give him a treat. That's how we started calling them 'Charlie's Vitamins'. So these are now 'Chubby Treats'....'Vitamins for the Soul'. And in tiny print down in the corner it says '100% fattening' LOL!
And newest project.....The Granny Patchwork....inspired by Lucy, who else? You can check out the inspiration HERE.


And so there ya go......that's kind of a quick over-view of our week. I need to get busy today....I have a lot of little stuff to get done. Laundry is number one on the list. Then I need to make some Valentine treats for the college girls so I can take them tomorrow. Guess I'd better get myself busy!!


Fatcat said...

The drawing is amazing! The chubby treats are cute.

I just realized that you and I are the same age. We're like twinsies!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Fatcat said...

Amy are you on facebook?

Amy said...

Yes, I

Amy said...
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Fatcat said...

Yes. Do you care if I send you a friend request?

You can say no I won't be offended.

Amy said...

Oh good grief...don't be silly. I sent you an email with my FB link in it. Whichever way works for you!