Monday, February 25, 2013

Clothes Shopping & the Circus Train

I went shopping today......for myself. Have I ever mentioned how much I despise clothes shopping for myself. Ok, it's more like I hate HAVING to's different when I can plunder along through Good Will & run across a great bargain. I LOVE that. But Clay signed us up to go to the Frito Lay Ownership Banquet this Saturday night at the Hotel Roanoke & I NEEDED something wear.
Thank goodness I had helped Clay shop week before last for his New Orlean's trip.....he is basically good to go except for the fact that he says he'd like to try & find a sport coat to go with what he has. But anyway.....I knew they were having some super good sales at the mall. I never go to the mall, but that's where I headed today. Long story short....I found a really nice dressy pair of black pants with a really pretty top. The pants were $8 & the top was $10. I can handle that & best of all, it's not super formal (I am so NOT a formal girl!!!) & I can wear it to church when all is said & done. I'm really looking forward to going to the banquet & I think Clay is toying with the idea of staying overnight there as our anniversary celebration. Nothing will ever top our trip to NY last year, but I'm excited about the thought of a night away with my hubby. We stayed overnight here about 8 years ago, I think......the last time Frito Lay had their banquet there.
So, I was outside grilling some hamburgers this evening when I heard a train coming. No big deal.....trains go by out here all day long & we never pay attention. But I noticed the cars were different.....the first few were just BIG ole plain silver/gray cars, but after that, I noticed what was painted on the sides......
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
Now, these are obviously googled pictures that I snagged, but aren't they cool?! To think of those big ole ginormous elephants inside those train cars. Here is a cool link to some nifty train facts if anyone is interested.

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