Monday, February 11, 2013

The Cross Wasn't Pretty

Just taking a few minutes this morning to high-light our last couple of days.
~Thursday, Jon & Michael went over to Mason's to sahrpen our chainsaw chains. So thankful for mentors like Mason in my boys' lives. That are willing & actually enjoy spending time with them & teaching them these everyday skills that will really benefit them in their lives. Not to mention the stories & rich history they impart from their lifetime  experiences. Such a treasure!
~Saturday was such a beautiful Pre-Spring day. Jon set up this make-shift pen....put together of two different pieces of chicken wire & some pitiful little split pieces of wood...which, in Jon's words, looked like some 'wicked torture pen'. LOL! This allowed a safe space to get Jonsie out & let Jon clip his nails. While he enjoyed his new little 'play pen', Alli cleaned out his hutch & replaced all the straw with some fresh new hay from the barn. I think he really enjoyed his little adventure today.
~Sunday--Check out that expression! Charlie looks like, 'What the heck? Did I really lay that egg?!'
Jon had come up from the chicken pen with a pail of fresh eggs & well, just being Jon.....he came in here & tucked an egg right in the crook of Charlie's tail. It was so funny. He kept turning around & sniffing at it.....trying to figure it out.
~And lastly.....remember my post from the other day where the boys were making their twisty candles. This was Jon's masterpiece.....made out of 4 separate candles. It actually was the 'ickiest-looking' of them all...simply for the fact that he had to actually use a match & melt them together....thus all the melty blackness. Well, I was getting ready to toss the candles out & Jon said I couldn't toss this one. I MUST save it.....and save it, I will now......after my child's reasoning. When I said it was kind of black & icky-looking he said to me, 'Well, the cross wasn't pretty, was it?'  Wow! Shut my mouth! How's THAT for an unschooling moment?!

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Fatcat said...

That reminds me of one of Dan's things. Last year at Easter, their Sunday school teacher had them decorate wooden crosses. He painted his with nail holes and blood stains and told one of the girls in the class that there wasn't any glitter on the real cross. It's true, it wasn't pretty.