Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I know I posted the other day about Jon & Chris changing the oil/filter in Chris' car.....but they realized that he had gotten the wrong size filter & ended up not being able to do it that day. Had to wait for Clay get the right one. Anyway, this is the picture I snapped yesterday afternoon of the guys working on the car.
Sorry for the wonky screen effect/dirty windows......I was on the back porch when I snapped this.
I love happy surprises, dont' you? I got this adorable little hand-made Valentine from Kaye yesterday afternoon. She's so thoughtful....always thinking of others. This is hanging in my kitchen window now.....such a sweet touch in my country kitchen!

I haven't shared any art journaling pagess in a long time & so yesterday afternoon I went outside....the light is so much better out there & took some pictures of my favorite pages. I'm almost done with this journal & I can't wait to get started in a brand new one!!
This was one of Clay's BD cards & I just loved those little cupcakes & thought they would make the cutest border. So I glued them to the page & then trimmed around them. Made for a cool edge to my page.
Just another cool border/edge idea. I was looking at the tea bags one day & thought they would make a fun border....so there ya go. I love the different page edges/sizes of the pages.....adds a nice variety to my journal.
The flip-side of the above page....
Christmas Eve.....I used part of a doily that I had used previously for masking...thought it was pretty.
Just a fun, funky New Year's Eve page....I used the Dec. page of one of those little bitty desk calendars & circled the date on it. Then across the top, I noted that it was Anna's 11th Birthday.
Lots of paint, stamping, some magazine cut-outs, washi tape & some left-over letter stickers that I found which I used for the date.
So, there ya go.....a few of my favorite jouranl pages. I have another batch that I will post later today & then I'll pretty much be caught up.

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Cindy Gay said...

Your art journal is great Amy!