Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fret Not Thyself.....

Not a whole lot going on around here today.....just the usual 'stuff'. Kind of quiet around here right at the moment. Michael's upstairs most likely playing his bass, Alli is watching a Taylor Swift concert video & Jon is outside starting the grill for me.
So, I thought I'd share a couple of my most recent art journal pages...
I really love just messing in my journal sometimes.....adding layer after layer....prepping the background. It's kind of hard to tell here, but there's LOTS of layers going on. It all started with that leftover red paint from another project. I love the inspiration I've gotten from others about not wasting one tiny bit of anything. Like the paint.....when I'm done with what I'm working on, if there's still paint left on my pallet, I now smear the leftovers onto a blank page & that makes for the beginning of something new. Also in there are some stencils, pieces of phone book paper, a scrap of scrapbook paper, more paint, some black ink splatters & the new fun technique I tried was using gesso with my leaf stencil. That added some very cool texture. I'm sure I'll end up painting a Bible verse or quote on here before I truly call it 'finished'.

This is another one that has TONS of layering going on & looks so much better in real life. The little bird (a stencil that I made myself) is inspired by Erin can check out her blog HERE. Also, the idea for using scripture on my pages came from her too....but the specific verse I used today was inspired by a chat I had with Ashley earlier. She was stressing over school work & I told her not to stress, but to pray. Told her I'd be praying for her & when I got off the computer, that verse imediately popped into my head. So, this one is for my Ashley-Girl today.

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