Thursday, March 14, 2013

Enjoying Spring Break

Nothing extremely out of the ordinary going on around here these days. Just enjoying the 'down time' of Spring Break......hanging out with my kiddos, staying up late, watching movies, sleeping in, soaking up the get the idea. Between loads of laundry, I've been enjoying my crafting. I finished up the red cowl I was crocheting for Alli. Almost finished with the last row of my 'Ribbon' afghan that I started forever ago.....then I just need to do the border edging & I'll be done with that one. I also can't wait to finish the Coffee cross-stitch I'm working on for Ashley's dorm room. Of course she just might be home for the summer before I'm completely done....but anyway. It sure feels good to get all these WIPs completed. In the in between times, I've been piddling here & there in my art journal.
I love saving my kid's art work & incorporating it into my art journal. Here, I saved the bull's eye scribble drawing that Michael had done one night. I cut it out & into the pie pieces & pasted it into my journal, added the quote & then colored it with the water color crayons. 'When you let someone steal your joy, you let them steal your strength.' --ann voskamp
I had these red paper hearts stuck to the back door when Clay came home from work last Thursday.....wishing him a 'Happy Anniversary'. I used the smaller hearts as masks, then removed them & outlined the hearts with a fine point sharpie....& I saved the larger heart that said 'I love you Clay'. Still need to journal about our day....
Just a random doodle/scribble drawing that I worked on last Saturday while waiting to pick Jon up from his SAT test. I had done the scribble part with a marker the night before. Then chose a few colored pencils & stuck those along with my journal into my little craft bag & off I went.....all prepared to stay busy in my spare time. ;-)

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Cindy Gay said...

Such nice work. Particularly like your alphas! Enjoy your down time.