Thursday, January 29, 2009

Afternoon Ramble

-Day 29- It was such pretty day today...sunny & in the 40s...wonderful after two days of cold & ice! So, when Ashley & I went to the library this afternoon I told her we'd drive down the road on our way home & check out Ridgely's goats. (Ashley loves to ramble down the back roads & take in the country side) I just HAD to stop & take a picture of this cute little of her Fainting Goats...he totally looked like he was smiling at us & just kept on saying 'Maaaaa, maaaaa, maaaaa'. Too cute!!After that, we decided to head straight across the RR tracks...she wanted to see the old house where Uncle Skippy used to live & go around Browning Town way. As sad & rundown as this house is, she still LOVED it & had to stop & take a few pictures of it. I told her how I remember going over there as a kid & playing out in the front yard there. Can't wait for spring time to get here when we can REALLY get out & ramble with our cameras. ;-)

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Sherri said...

I look at that old house and think of all of the stories it could tell. It's beautiful..even as run down as it is! I love old houses.