Sunday, January 04, 2009

My first 4 pictures...

Ok, for Project are my first 4 pictures for this year. Starting with today & going backwards...Jan. 4-We stayed home from church this morning because Alli is still all stuffy & sneezy & has a sore throat. Didn't think we needed to share our germs with everyone else at church. I know how bad I hate when others do that!!
Jan. 3-Clay & the boys went to a gun show in Roanoke today. They had never been to one before & had an absolute blast!

Jan.2- My scrapping bargains that I picked up Friday when I went to town.
Jan. 1- This is Sanji's current favorite spot to sleep. Mason had given Clay & Jon a few older work coats on Christmas day.......since he came home with them on Christmas day, in the middle of all the hulla-ba-loo, he just laid them in a pile on the floor by my bookshelf here in the dining room. Well, Sanji fell in love with that nice soft, fleecy lining & claimed this spot as his new bed. So for two weeks now, we've just left this little pile in the corner for Sanji to sleep on. I guess one day he'll get tired of it or 'I' will get tired of it being there & move it.......but for now.....this is his spot.


Penny said...

woohoo! congrats on your four picts!!!

Babydoll said...

I love those type of challenges!! I'm looking forward to all of the pictures to come. Come check out my place for a chance to win some goodies...AGAIN!! LOL!!